Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My first hypnosis for birth appointment

I have been really excited to do hypnosis with the birth of this baby for a LONG time. I think I started looking in to it before I even conceived. Tonight was my first appointment with the woman I'll be working with. She doesn't do strictly "hypnobirthing" because apparently that's a trademarked course, rather she has gathered years and years of experience as a hypnotherapist, doula, childbirth educator and midwifery student and rolled it in to her own thing she calls "hypnosis for birth".

Tonight we just started by talking about my first birth experience, what hypnosis in childbirth looks like and how it can help. We did one simple little exercise that she used to demonstrate how you can get your mind to go somewhere else and she sent me home with a tape to practice with (every day!) until I see her again.

To be honest, even though I was super excited about the testimonials I had read about hypnosis in childbirth, I was a bit nervous about how that would actually work for me. I wasn't sure it wouldn't be to "out there" for my sensibilities. Luckily, it isn't. She described the state of relaxation akin to the relaxing we do at the end of each yoga session, just on a deeper level and something I can relax in to on cue. Even if I find I'm not that great at getting in to full hypnosis mode, I'll still greatly benefit from understanding the importance of relaxation-- an important point I missed during my last birth experience.

So over the next few weeks at my parents house (Iris and I leave in the morning!) I'll be taking some time to work on my hypnosis tape and hopefully get in a few yoga moves so I can keep on top of my practice.


  1. That sounds awesome...I am not planning to have mor children, but I always thought that if I did, hypnosis is something I would want to look into...

  2. I've been really interested in hypnobirthing this time around as well. When I asked my midwife about preparing for this birth, it was the first thing she recommended and has lent me the book "Hypnobirthing", which is SO incredibly interesting! What I find so fascinating about it is the view that childbirth is not MEANT to be painful, that pain is experienced because of unresolved fear going into the birth, and not just about the birth but also fear about the arrival of a new baby and other issues that you may be worried about. So while I'm focusing on relaxation techniques, too, because as long as youre not tensed up you'll experience less pain...but I'm really working to work through all the fears, big and small, as well. Good luck with it!!


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