Sunday, June 18, 2006

My goodness, the weekend is over!

I can't believe the craziness of the weekend is behind us. Yesterday we went down to the Solstice Parade in Fremont. We rode the bus, which Iris was looking forward to for quite a few days. The parade was fun, the biggest thing this particular parade is known for is the naked bicyclists. And, um, yeah, they really are naked. Some are naked except for a g-string, some are naked except for strategic body paint, and some are straight up naked without a single thing to cover them. Oh, and they ride bikes. I can't think of many things I would like less than biking naked, but whatever. As soon as I can get the photos on my computer I'll be sure to post them (oh, not of the bicyclists, just of the parade!).

We got home WAY past Iris's nap time but luckily she went down easily and took a normal nap. I attempted to make some cupcakes for her birthday, but they turned out pretty miserably so I decided to throw them out and re-make something else. Matt's parents took us out to dinner at a really Mexican restaurant none of us had never been to. It was a super lovely dinner. I tried again to do some baking after Iris went to bed. This time I made the same carrot cake I made for her birthday last year. All went reasonably well until I was mixing everything together and realized the only part of the recipe I hadn't doubled was the butter. Grrr! I tried to cream the butter in after everything was mixed, and to my surprise it actually worked out decently.

This morning I had another cake fiasco. I attempted to make the same cream cheese frosting I had made for the cake last year. The point of the recipe is to beat on high with a hand mixer until it's light and fluffy like whipped cream. I beat the shit out of it for about 15 minutes and it was still runny goo. I was so mad. I decided to just throw in a bunch more powdered sugar and a little more butter and turn it in to reasonably normal frosting. It still wasn't quite right, but it did the trick. Matt's family and a few friends came over for present opening and cake, which was alot of fun. Again, pictures to follow as soon I get them on my computer.

That was pretty much the bulk of the birthday festivities/Father's day. We were supposed to go to a kid's dance party put on by a local radio station, but Iris went down for her nap pretty late and still spent most of it awake and coughing. I'm starting to get really, really pissed that our colds are STILL hanging on-- it's been a week and a half! In the past few days she hasn't been coughing hardly at all, but today she was a bunch. I got her some cough suppressant which doesn't seem to be helping that much. Hopefully she can sleep tonight. She was pretty upset about going to bed, she just wanted to stay up and play with her cool new toys.

Now I just have to spend the next couple of days focusing on getting ready for our trip! Yikes. So much still to do.

Oh, and my new camera is really amazing. I just love it. It's one of the few things I've spent that much money on that I didn't immediately have buyer's remorse about. Now the only problem is I can't get the software loaded on to my computer. I keep getting some wierd error message from the program I'm installing. I'll have to call the company in the morning to try and figure it out. I have such a rotten laptop, I really want a new one VERY badly. I keep joking with Matt that I'm going to drop this thing in the water, as well!

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