Saturday, June 10, 2006

My newest obsession

Is it just me, or is Dan Zanes (from Dan Zanes House Party on Playhouse Disney) totally foxy? I wish I had a photo of him to show everyone, but if you don't know, take my word for it. He's dreamy. He has crazy hair and sings songs for kids. Yummy.

Okay, here's a photo I got off of his website. He looks totally scrawny and like I could crush him just by sitting too close, but none-the-less, he's dreamy!


  1. Oh, I LOVE Dan Zanes!!! Even more than my 3 year old I think. Great kids music and good lookin'...can't beat that!

  2. Oops, oh yeah, it's Dan Zanes, not Dan Zane. Dreamy . . .


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