Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pretty sure I'm going to explode

So, this weekend is Iris's second birthday and on Wednesday she and I leave to go to WI for three weeks. Needless to say, I have more than a bit to get ready. I made myself a list last night of every single thing I HAVE to get done each day (right down to "open presents" on Iris's birthday) and I'm already having a breakdown!

I've also made a point to fit in fun things, so Iris (and I) don't spend most of the days freaking out because we haven't played at all. This morning we went to the park-- the same park I wrote about in my last post, actually. It was really fun and I brought my camera along so I could get some pictures. Well, as is my luck, Iris and I were standing right on the edge of the water and I bent down to roll up her pants. Just as I was doing this, my camera fell out of my bag straight in to the water. I looked at it and thought it would be just fine. Of course, no, it's not, it's completely shot. I started panicking. We have a birthday this weekend! A trip next week! How can I not document this all?!?! I came home and told Matt what happened and he okayed me getting a new camera. So I quickly researched and almost immediately ordered this camera. It should be here tomorrow! Yay! I have now dropped two very expensive pieces of electronics in the water and had them replaced with even nicer versions. Hmmmm, I am now wondering what else I can ruin? Hee hee.

I also discovered today that our monthly budget is almost 100% gone. Okay, it's like 95% gone. It's only the 15th, if you're keeping track. I think between Iris's birthday and our trip coming up, the budget is completely shot. Plus, our budget has drastically cut down on the amount of money we used to spend on things (like groceries), which has been hard for me to shop around. Next month, however, is a new month, and I'll start over again diligently budgeting every cent. I have some new ideas for keeping on top of the expenses. These ideas include acquiring a new day planner so that I can keep track of things like coupons, receipts, and the cash I need to buy things. I think I am going to go the "cash only" route for a few months to see if that works. Handing over a plastic card to make purchases is just far too easy, and damn if it isn't hard to remember to write all the purchases down when I get home.

We did sort of good buying things for Iris for her birthday. On one hand, the bulk of her presents are a shit load of nice board books from Goodwill, as well as a big box of wooden blocks from Goodwill (about $16 total) but we also bought her a Kettler trike several weeks ago and then just yesterday I absolutely couldn't NOT buy her these shoes. I mean, my goodness, you can't walk a block in Seattle without seeing someone in Keen shoes (and for the record, I owned a pair WAY before they were popular!). That set us back, um, well, let's say more than I've ever spent on a pair of shoes for her, ever. They are actually really practical, they are comfortable and can also be worn in the water, even though there is leather on them.

I'll be sure to write more about her birthday after the fact, and also include some pictures from my fantastic new camera!

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