Friday, June 02, 2006

Some recent milestones

As a mama, you're constantly noticing all of the incredibly brilliant things that your child does. I'm no exception :)

Recently Iris started to play music and sing at the same time. She grabbed her drum and started beating it with measuring spoons and then began singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" It was pretty adorable, to say they least. Good things she's so freakin' talented!

We also went to McDonald's playland for the first time today. Yeah, um-hmmm, I can see those disapproving shakes of your head. It was on a whim. I was having a craving for the dollar menu McChicken sandwiches and had promised Iris french fries for doing such a great job shopping with me earlier (enough with the head shaking!). SO, we pull in to McD's (yes, we're on a shortened-name basis, now) and spotted the playland through the window and thought she might enjoy checking it out. I didn't realize that it's technically for children 3-12, not having ever been there beofre and all, but luckily there were only two older, well-behaved, boys there so she was able to play. I am not sure if all play structures are built the same way, but this one was a tall, enclosed maze of ladders and slides. I figured I would let Iris try it once and secretly started developing a back-up plan of how I would fit my very pregnant body through the tubes to get her out if she started screaming. Well, she did a great job. I was actually really proud of how brave she was. On her last pass through she climbed all the way to the very top slide (there was surely no way I could have gotten her down if she had freaked out up there!) and was, as expected, a little pissed that it was time to go home. I think I'll wait until she's three before we go back again (I mean, never! We'll never be back again!) but it was a fun thing to do on a whim. Plus, I got a McChicken sandwich. Yum!

If you haven't seen it, check out the picture I posted of the tree limb a couple of posts back. I just added it today.

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