Thursday, June 01, 2006

Whatever you do, don't visit this website!

Okay, I'm being sarcastic. Really. Urban Baby Runway is my newest latest obsession. It was started by a mama who goes by mamac-ta, a mama who has exquisite taste in children's fashion. She reviews everything from books to cloth dipes to t-shirts. And I'm hooked. Every single thing I convince myself I can't live without owning. Damn her! She even runs contests, the most recent one of which, I won! Yay!

Due to her suggestions, I've already purchased BabyLegs, Fuzzi Bunz, bublove t-shirts and the book Urban Babies Wear Black. And I'm now the proud owner of a bib and burp cloth fancier than most of the clothes I own, thanks to the recent contest.

I actually highly recommend you check out the site. Then go forth and purchase wildly. Pretty soon mamac-ta will have her very own online store up and running and then you can get your shopping fix filled in one simple stop instead of flying willy-nilly all over the net ensuring your child looks as hip as can be.


  1. Look at all the love!! Thank you!

    I'm glad to know that people actually trust my opinions (ha! FOOLS!) but please don't blame me if we have to file for bankruptcy together ;) I'm also really happy to hear that some of the companies that approached me about getting reviewed are getting some biz out of the deal. Which bublove shirt did you buy?

  2. I got the sweet bub shirt for the new babe and the sticky bub shirt for Iris. Plus the tote for me ;)


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