Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ah ha!

So apparently I am better at the hypnosis thing than I previously thought. Matt and I went to the second appointment tonight and I was pretty nervous about it. When she asked what I thought about working with the guided relaxation tape she gave me I just told her how it was really going-- that I spent the first half of the tape struggling to keep my mind focused and envision the garden I was supposed to be walking through, and the second half of it asleep. Turns out, my experience was pretty much fine. This tape was just the foundation for what we were going to be working on as part of my actual skills to be used in labor. None of which include envisioning walking down a flight of stairs in to a garden, which my tape was having me go through every night. Thank goodness!

Tonight we did "practice" contractions and I learned how to relax, visualize a few simple things and breathe. Matt learned what he had to do as a physical trigger to help me go deeper in to the relaxation. It was really, really cool actually. The woman we are learning it from said I did very well and was catching on quickly. Yay! That was so good to hear after feeling so freakin' defeated struggling over my guided relaxation tape.

I am also getting much more excited about this birth now that I know so much more about what the hypnosis will look like while I'm in labor. The only thing I'm worried about at this point is finding some of that "woo woo" relaxation music to play while I'm in the deep stages of labor. In the beginning we'll be listening to all the fun music that I love that puts me in a good mood, but for the rough stuff, I need more meditative, relaxing music to coincide with the hypnosis. I have NO idea where to pick up something like this. My yoga teacher plays some interesting stuff at the end of class, so I will probably just get something she recommends.

It's so dang exciting that it's all coming together.

Today Matt and I also went to an appointment with the midwives. The one we met with is so dang sweet. She was just saying how awesome this birth was going to be, especially compared with my last one when everything in my life was so sucky, except for the fact that I was about to become a mother. My life couldn't be more different now than it was then. I think that this will all reflect in how this labor and birth plays out.

Our doula will be coming over on Sunday to talk about things. I'm excited to meet with her and talk and bond a bit more.

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