Monday, July 31, 2006

Amusing Iris moments

This morning my dear, sweet, amazing daughter blessed me by sleeping in until 10:00 am. I had a terrible night's sleep, which probably caused her to not sleep very well, but I am so grateful she gave her mama a break!

So, now that I am well rested (and still in my pj's at 11:30 in the morning!) and have lots of lovey positive feelings about my little sleeper, I thought it would be fun to share some cute things about her.

Her newest phrase is "I like . . ." for instance "I like avocados!" "I like breakfast!" "I like pancakes!" she will say it about just about anything. Well, anything that she actually likes. It's cute, also, because she is starting to use the pronoun "I" correctly. Lots of times she will either say "Icey need help?" (she calls herself Icey, as do we, because it's the first way she ever tried to say her own name and it stuck). She will also say "Do you need help?" when really she means that she needs help.

She also has completely reverted to a newborn stage of wanting to be wrapped up tightly before she falls asleep. She says "wrappy Iris?" and I have to take her fleece blankie and wrap it around her so she looks like a burrito. Even when it was in the upper 90's she was asking me to do this for her!

She has started to talk more about what people and animals say. Not just the standard "what does a doggy say?" "woof!" but things a bit more complex. We'll ask her something like "what does mama say?" and she'll come up with an answer. Fortunately, her answer to that was "hug!" and not something like "don't color on the table!" or "get that out of your mouth!". The other day I asked her what Grandpa says and she came up with "put your shoes on!". Honestly, no clue where that came from, but terribly original, none-the-less.

And, last but certainly not least, peeing and pooping on the potty. Her favorite part of the whole ritual is saying goodbye to the pee and poop in the toilet before we flush them away. Now, because she is my daughter and everything she does in infinitely adorable, watching her stick her face in the toilet bowl and say "goodbye poopy!" almost brings tears to my eyes. If I had to watch any other child do this, I would probably hurl. What is it about our own children's bodily functions that we aren't opposed to, but when other children have them it completely grosses us out? Hmmmmm.