Sunday, July 23, 2006

Funny stuff

So Matt and I have been practicing our homework for the hypnosis for birth. The assignment is to practice contractions every night. I have to relax and do my thing while he times me and does his part.

What I have to do is hold a bag of ice in my hand for one minute and, pretending the pain of holding ice represents a contraction, do my breathing/visualization thing. At the beginning of each contraction Matt runs his hands down each of my arms to provide a physical cue to relax. Pretty soon I will add my chosen music and scent to the mix to fully overload my senses :) Okay, here's where the funny part comes in. Being that it's eight million degrees outside, even at night, holding the ice feels pretty darn good. I even sat with a bag of ice on my head while we went through the whole thing. I feel like I'm just amazingly good at this whole hypnosis thing, when in reality, the ice is a pretty welcome relief from the heat. Matt asked me how many practice contractions I wanted to do and I replied "I could do this all night!"

Maybe to make the practices harder for me I should be poked with a sharp, hot skewer. One hundred times. All over my body. That should come close to imitating labor pains :)

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