Friday, July 28, 2006

Interesting news

You may, or may not, have heard of the recent Washington Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage. In case you haven't, they ruled 5-4 against gay marriage. I hadn't been following this story very closely. In all honesty, I wasn't even worried about it. Washington seems, at least they have until now, like such a progressive state. For instance, last fall we just voted to enact the most stringent smoking ban in the country (don't even get me started how happy that makes me!). Gay marriage? Well, that's a no-brainer. Of course it will become legal. What do we live in, medieval times?

Apparently we do. And suddenly, I've become a news junkie surrounding this topic. It makes my blood boil. Seriously. One of the justices who voted against gay marriage claims that the intention of marriage was to create a partnerhood which is conducive to bearing and raising children by the children's biological parents. Okay, I get this. I really do. In an ideal world, we would all be happy little nuclear families in which a healthy, stable man and a healthy stable woman would join together and create healthy, stable children. Um, yeah right. So, in the real world, 50% of marriages end in divorce (and that's just first marriages!. Many, many couples, gay or straight, choose to create families out of wedlock (ah hem, yours truly is one of them!) It certainly doesn't make us any less, or any more, committed to our relationship OR to our children than heterosexuals who choose to marry.

I feel lucky in that many companies, maybe this is a Washington state thing?, are progressive enough to offer benefits to an employees domestic partner--same or opposite sex. Right now Matt and I have little reason to actually legally marry. Hell, we're basically ARE married, just without the papers. Maybe some day we'll have enough money for the ring, the ceremony, the party, etc etc. Until then, we'll be just fine. Now I'm just seething over this ruling. Over the fact that two people who are strongly committed to each other and should have the same legal rights as everyone else, don't. It makes me not even want to be married, ever, because in the eyes of the law I believe the institution of marriage is a complete joke. And what about all those people who choose to marry and never have children? They get to buck the legally intended concept of marriage, but they still have the right to do it. The whole thing just makes me sick. And sad. I'm pissed that this issue is even in the hands of our legal system at all. I hope to see more about this in the news in the future. It can't be too far off in the future that two people who choose to be married, for any reason, will be able to. At least, I'm naive enough to believe that.


  1. that's awful. i'm so sorry washington went against gay marraige. in canada, we are in danger of losing this right. the current government wants to take back the law allowing same sex couples to marry. grrrr. it makes me fume!!!

  2. Take back the law?!?! Wow, that would be more messed up then never passing it in the first place.


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