Friday, July 14, 2006

More random thoughts on magazine information

I'm almost through the stack of old Parents and Parenting magazines that Melissa gave me. Today I was reading one and was struck by a letter to the editor. The mother who wrote the letter was referring to information Parents had published about not spanking their children. She states in her pro-spanking letter "As the number of spanking parents has decreased, America has become increasingly violent." Hmmm, interesting theory. I just love when parents can just randomly connect two completely unrelated things and decide that they are, in fact, directly linked. What a great way to justify the abuse of your child.

I was also struck by an article written in two separate current parenting magazines. One is in Mothering, the other in Parents (or Parenting, I can't remember which). The one in Parents is about protecting your child from SIDS, and, as is usual in mainstream parenting magazines, it states that parents should not co-sleep, due to the link between co-sleeping and SIDS. In Mothering is an article about yet another benefit of co-sleeping, to add to the list that already includes bonding and attachment, easy access to breastfeeding and protection from SIDS. Now, being a co-sleeper myself I obviously side with Mothering on this issue, but I find it interesting that, depending on what you're reading, you'll either be told "hey, your kid will die if you do this" or "you'll have the healthiest kid ever!" (exaggeration mine). Of course, Mothering also publishes articles contradicting the usual drivel about the necessity of vaccinations, among other issues, but having read these two articles in the same day as each other, it really stood out to me.


  1. I gave up on Parents magazine a long time ago. Most of their stuff is totally anti AP. I just couldn't read one more article on how crying it out was okay for your baby. UGH! Anyhoo - love your blog.

  2. Parenting is the Cosmo of parenting magazines. I have never found anything useful in that magazine even though I always read it over at Sullivan's house despite it's perpetual fluff.

    And on that note ... I'm sure that all the serial killers and drug dealers and rapists would be very nice people if only their parents had beaten them.


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