Friday, July 07, 2006

More vacation updates

So, besides dealing with all the car drama, Iris and I had a fun weekend visiting my sister and her family. We were there for four days and spent most of the time lounging in the backyard while the kids ran around and played. It was quite lovely except for the fact that a gigantic pregnant woman from Seattle and midwest heat don't really mix so well. I am glad to be back in the chilly air-conditioning of my parents house. I don't even want to go outside, which is boding well for me considering Iris doesn't want to, either. It turns out she's still sick, or sick again, or something because a couple of days ago her cough and boogers came back worse than before. Her symptoms are exactly the same as they were last week, which leads me to suspect they are part of the same virus. I am going to cave in and get the antibiotics today. She was up over two hours last night coughing and now is attempting to take her nap in between between coughing fits. Ugh. I just wish this stupid thing would go away! It's insane, going on FIVE weeks. I called the doctor's office that looked at her last week and they said I can either bring her back in to have her looked at again or just give her the medicine. It is already Friday afternoon and she's a little crabby butt today, so I decided to err on the side of the medicine. We'll see how it works. I just really, really don't want her to be this sick when we fly home. Funny how I thought that almost three weeks ago when we flew out here!

I'm definitely ready to get back home. Even though I've spent lots of time in air conditioning, relaxing in front of the television since I've been here, I'm totally wiped out. I haven't had a single break from mama time other than a two hour jaunt to the grocery store last night with my dad. I don't get to sleep in late or even take a shower alone. It's exhausting being on mama duty 24-7 for three weeks straight. At least at home I have plenty of time off to re-group and do my own thing while Matt and Iris spend their time together. I have hardly had the time to even do my hypnosis for birth tape, most of the time when I try to do it while Iris is sleeping I'm so tired that I just fall asleep two minutes in to it. Maybe it's still working subconsciously? :) So, yep, three weeks is a good long time to make sure I can go back home with a refreshed new attitude.

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