Monday, July 24, 2006

My little Renoir!

Iris gets a huge amount of compliments on her looks. Now, I'm not saying that she's any cuter than any other child, but I can't take her anywhere without someone commenting-- and usually it's because of her hair. Granted, her hair is gorgeous. Being a red head with that lighter strawberry blond-ish sort of thing going on is quite striking. She's got very fair skin, as well, so it all goes together nicely. People LOVE to comment on red heads! Today she got such a sweet comment. A little old lady was walking through the parking lot as we were loading our groceries in to the car. She stopped and said "My what a beautiful child! She looks like she stepped out of a Renoir painting!" Now, shucks, what am I supposed to say to that? I just responded with "what a sweet compliment!" and smiled.

Of course, Iris looks NOTHING like me. Most of the time people comment on her hair and then say "where does she get it from?". Yep, I'm just the vehicle that created a child that, had I not pushed her out, I would swear doesn't belong to me.

Anyways, I appreciate the compliments. I also like that it gives strangers something to chat with me about. I'm a shy person, in general, but I don't mind at all when people want to stop me to praise my child.


  1. I love when people stop me to tell me what a beautiful child Emma June is.

    What's funny is when people see a photo of *both* girls and I get all the "Look at how beautiful they are!" "Oh my god they are both so cute!" comments :)

    Yep, our girls are knock-outs :)
    And Iris *does* look a Renoir painting now that you mention it!

  2. Don't you feel so proud when you get compliments? I know I do.


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