Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh. My. GOD.

So the funniest, and sassiest, thing that Iris does lately is say "Oh. My. GOD." Not only that, but she just started to occasionally add on to the end "that. is so. funny." like she's 15, I swear! We try to redirect her by having her say "oh my goodness!" or "oh my monster!" (a fun alternative my sister came up with) but nope, "oh my god" has stuck. We've got Matt's mom to thank for dropping that one enough times for it to stick in her head! Which I find slightly amusing considering she's the most religious person Iris spends any time around. I tell myself that it could be worse, but Iris's impecable sense of timing and inflection have made this truly a spectacular display of words.

So tomorrow we fly back to Seattle. I am very much excited to get back home, but at the same time have gotten really sad about leaving here. After the new baby comes I have no idea when we will be able to afford to come back again. I'm sad to think that one more Christmas will most likely go by where we won't be with my family. I also expected to get more "done" while I was here. What exactly I mean by that, I'm not sure. I mostly spent my days fighting the heat and my complete exhaustion. We didn't even get to see my dad's sailboat. There is much left to dot o get ready for this baby, including learn my hypnosis for birth, coordinate birth stuff with the doula, buy the rest of the things I need, and just all around really mentally prepare myself for this birth. I had a little mental freak out the other night thinking about the birth. I just thought, wait a second, how the hell am I actually going to pull this off? Everyone I've seen here includes a "can't wait to get the birth announcement!" in their parting comments and it just started to really make me more nervous about the birth than I've been thus far. Turns out I'm going to have to birth this baby, you know, so I can send out the damn announcements. Yikes. I thought being here would help me relax and better prepare for everything, but it turns out I haven't done a single thing to really help. Not done yoga, not eaten right, barely did my hypnosis tapes, nothing. When I left Seattle I was really on the right track and now I'm so far off of it, I can barely see it. I hope a few days at home, being back in my own environment and getting in to baby-mode will really help boost my confidence about everything.

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  1. EJ went through her "Oh my god!" phase. About the same time she went through her "Oh crap!" phase. Sadly, she got both of those from me. I wouldn't be surprised if I was one of the culprits in Iris saying "Oh my god" cause I say it a lot.


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