Sunday, July 23, 2006

Such a trooper!

In case anyone's wondering, it's been hotter than hell in Seattle over the weekend. Literally. WAY hotter. Obviously, for me the heat is compounded by the fact I have about 30 tons of baby on my belly and 20 tons of boobs on my chest. On Friday Iris and I went to Target to buy a fan. We didn't even own one. I am sure if you are reading this from any other part of the country you're laughing as you sit in your comfortably air conditioned house, but yes, we didn't even own a fan. So now we own one. I make sure it is pointed at me pretty much every moment I'm in our apartment. I wouldn't mind just dragging the whole family to a mall or some place that actually is air conditioned, but then I have such guilt for leaving our poor doggy at home to suffer. Aren't I a great pet owner for having such empathy?

Even in the midst of this heat wave, Matt and I had long ago made plans to join some friends at a show Saturday night. I was planning on it being my last hurrah before this baby comes. My favorite band, The Long Winters, was having a cd release show at a club in Capital Hill. This is a good link to use if you want to see their myspace page and hear some music. Conveniently (note my deep sarcasm), the club was not air conditioned. We spent almost an hour there waiting for them to come on stage and by the time they did, I lasted for about half an hour of the set. I've seen this band live quite a few times, and it was actually the babe's second time hearing them while in utero. On the way out of the show we stopped and had belgian frites (think thickly cut square french fries) at a little place right next door to the club. I imagine that if it was much cooler out, and I had drank a few beers, the frites would have been even tastier, but they were quite delicious. I had heard so much about them I figured I better give them a try while I had a chance! Mmmmmm . . . .

Now we're on the last day of the heat. I am hoping to get through this in one piece. I think I'm poised to make it through considerably well, considering the physical obstacles. Hopefully today Matt can pick up the bed frame I want so that the mattress Iris and I sleep on can finally, after a year and a half, be off the ground. I would have liked to have gotten it much earlier in the pregnancy (it's no easy feat hauling myself off the floor every morning!) but luckily it's coming before the baby is here. We'll be hooking up the co-sleeper to it in preparation for the new babe and also to keep Iris from tumbling off the side of the bed while I'm not in it.

In case you're wondering, peeing and pooping on the potty has lost a little of it's novelty, but Iris still usually goes on it at least once a day. This morning she woke up and asked to sit on the potty to make a poopy!

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