Monday, July 17, 2006

Updates and a celebration

Well, the potty action hasn't slowed down one bit. After yesterday's pee pee episode, today Iris pooped on the toilet three times! Woo Hoo! I swear that the novelty of this will wear off (won't it?) and my daughter's bodily functions will no longer plague my blog. Until then, well, I'll be chronicling every pee and poop.

We had a great day today. Iris and I were both in good moods, which helped. Neither of us threw a single tantrum! What a good day! We met our weekly play group at the park this morning and we both got to see some friends we hadn't seen in a while. I liked the park we were at, it was small and all the mamas there were really nice (not just the ones I already knew) and the play equipment seemed to really intrigue Iris. It probably helped that our very first event of the day was getting out and running around, maybe I'm on to something? I also had yoga tonight. Having all that time off from when I was out of town has made a wreck of my body. I also seem to be MUCH bigger in the belly now, because it's much harder to do yoga now. I'm hoping that I can limber up and strengthen myself back up a bit before the birth.

I also decided to throw myself a baby celebration. Sort of like a blessingway ceremony, just not as "hippy-ish". I would secretly love to have something with my feet being washed, hair braided, women chanting, etc etc, but I think just about every person I'm inviting would rather fall over dead than partake in such a ceremony. Sigh. Usually parties of this sort are thrown by someone else, but alas, I had to buckle down and throw it myself. Matt kindly offered to be the one to send out the invites, but it would have been pretty obvious he wasn't the one behind it. I just had such a lovely baby shower celebrating Iris's arrival, and I don't want this baby, or this pregnancy, to be left out. This baby deserves a celebration, even if she's not the first born! Hopefully Matt and I can come up with something that is important and meaningful and yet doesn't make everyone uncomfortable. Times like these make me wish I still had a plethora of dread-locked, smock dress wearin', patchouli smelling girlfriends to really through a blessing way ceremony! We are asking everyone to bring a candle to the ceremony that we can have to burn at the birth. I am toying with the idea of having the women help me do a belly cast. I didn't do one with Iris, but I did to maternity portraits with her. I think a cast might be a neat way to immortalize this baby's time in the womb. I don't think a belly cast is too out-there for the women who will be in attendance. We'll see :)

On that note, if anyone else has suggestions for a more modern blessingway ceremony, let me know!

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