Sunday, July 30, 2006


Blech. What a crap-tastic weekend (I'd like to thank Melissa for coming up with that word, it's very fitting!). I'm so exhausted. A few noteworthy things did happen, however, so I'll write about those.

Unfortunately my doula had to miss our second "get to know you" appointment. She is actually a midwife in training and was called to a birth on Friday night right as she was getting ready to come over here. She then got called to another birth not long after she got home from the first one. I'm starting to get a bit nervous! She is actually a friend of mine from a few years back, and when I was barely in to my second trimester, she told me that if I needed her at all, she would be at my birth for free, in whatever capacity I needed her. I was kind of bummed about the doulas I was finding (who charge ALOT) and so she agreed to just be my doula. Now I can barely get ahold of her! I am hoping that when I go in to labor my birth is just as important as the other things she's got going on. I will really, really need her there. Guess we'll talk about all this when I finally meet with her!

Today Iris and I went to a cool store in Seattle called Birth and Beyond to get my belly casting kit for the Baby Celebration that will be next Sunday. I was also really excited because all of their books were 70% off through the end of the month and they had one called "Michele the Nursing Toddler" that I had wanted to get for Iris and I've come VERY close to paying full price for it. Yay for procrastination! I was reading all about the different things you can do with the belly casts so I have lots of fun ideas. One thing you can do is have your hands cast in to it, on your belly or your breasts or something. I thought that looked neat. You can also cast a child's hands in to (ie Iris!) but the only problem with that is she would have to stay still for five full minutes while it's done. How cute would the cast be with her hands on my belly? If that doesn't work out we can always paint it afterwards and put her hand prints on it. There are so many great ideas to paint casts, my mind is spinning! It is certainly a project I would have to complete before the babe's arrival, as lord knows I would have no time afterwards. I just hope the gals who are coming to the party will be in to helping with it. However, I guess I really only need one person to help :)

Iris and I also tried braving the Ballard Seafood Festival. It was a good idea, in theory. Unfortunately we had to park many blocks away, and I didn't bring the stroller. Then it rained for almost the entire time we were there. It made finding a place to stay dry really hard, as well as finding and eating food really hard. We decided to pack it in and come home, totally soaking wet. A nice long nap made up for the effort, however. We spent alot of time in a great kid's store called Clover. They had a Brio train table set up for kids to play on and Iris was glued to it. It bought us almost half an hour out the rain and I was able to find the perfect card for Melissa's son's second birthday, which is in two weeks. I love the store except for everything is so expensive. They sell cool wooden toys and musical instruments and bedding and clothes, but it's all way out of my price range. I've purchased a few small things for Iris there over the past couple of years, but mostly I have to stay away from it.

Tonight was the last night of the week's worth of menus I made, courtesy of my friend Julia. She put a menu and shopping list together so it was super easy to follow. I actually tweaked her lasagna recipe to a manicotti one (VERY bad associations with lasagna . . . ) but other than that our week was super yummy. I haven't heard from her about another menu, so I tried putting one together on my own. I'm not very good at it :( The thing I liked about her menus is that she was good at using the left-overs from one meal to be a part of the next days meal, therfor cutting down on how much time it takes to cook. The best one this week was a crock pot pot roast one night and then using the left over pot roast for stew the next night. Holy jeebies that was a good couple of meals!

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  1. Aaargh! I flaked! I'm sorry.

    I will get on it and make a menu for next week. Now that I know it is actually helpful to someone I will try and make it a weekly thing! It's helpful to me too but I'm not very motivated just to help myself when I could just be lazy. :)


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