Sunday, July 02, 2006

The worst weekend ever . . .

. . . luckily didn't directly belong to me. I talked to my good friend Melissa today, she and her family were rear-ended yesterday by an SUV on their way to a camping trip. They are all relatively fine. Melissa is okay, thank god the baby in her tummy and her toddler (Iris's BFF) are okay, but her husband can't see out of one eye. It sounds like they don't yet know how serious it is, but will find out tomorrow. They were hit from behind and then slammed in to the car in front of them, so their Volvo station wagon was crumpled from both ends. It was SO scary to hear about. Melissa had to get an ultrasound to make sure there was nothing wrong with the baby. Her almost two year old was in the back seat of their car. The worst that happened to him is his leg was bruised where his car seat strap was. Melissa's hit her fair share of crappy lucky during this pregnancy. I am very much hoping it's smooth sailing for the rest of the pregnancy.

I also heard from Matt this evening. Someone vandalized the outside of our car last night. Using spray paint to write obscenities over most of the car. It's sort of a long story, but it sounds like some random guy stopped Matt and his friend while they were coming home at 2:00 am and was accusing them of taking his dog. They were, of course, saying "no man, sorry" and walked in to the house. The next morning they saw the car. The downstairs neighbors were outside at 3:15 am and the damage was already done. The odd part of the story is that a stray dog actually did run in to our downstairs neighbors apartment (they keep their doors open alot of the time) and the dog had tags on it. When the police came today they said they would investigate the crime and also the location the dog came from. It seems almost 100% sure that the dog's actual owner did the damage to our car. There wasn't any damage done to any other car in our parking lot or any car on the street, so obviously our car was directly targeted. I can't wait to hear if the police find this dog owner and if they can determine he was the cause of the damage. Either way, A) This screws us up for money. Our deductible isn't that low and with me just quitting my job and a new baby on the way, yeah, not much money left over to get a new paint job on the ol' station wagon. and, B) it's more than a little freaky to know some crazy person out there thinks Matt stole his dog and has already done something so vicious to our property. Matt explained to the police officer that he was really worried because, you know, we have small children and all. It sounds like the cop took it pretty seriously.

I'm just trying to take deep breaths and let go because there's nothing I can do about our car. The damage is done, and now Matt is doing an awesome job taking all the right steps to get it taken care of. When I get home, more than likely the car will look as good as new and all I will have to deal with is the credit card payments.


I'm thanking the heavens my friends are pretty much okay, and the worst this crazy person did to our family is ruin the paint job on our car.

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