Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another visit with the midwife

I really dread appointment day. This actually doesn't have anything to do with the appointment itself, which are always wonderful, but rather the time involved going to and from. It takes almost an hour each way to get to the birth center. I get so frazzled in traffic! Seattle has the worst traffic. We have a huge lake that seperates the city from all the suburbs on the eastside and only two bridges to get across the lake. Not suprisingly, traffic ALWAYS is terrible.

But, I digress. Today was another great appointment. Mostly because I am 36 1/2 weeks and am almost considered full term and then can safely have my babe any time (you hear that, baby?!?!). My midwife and I talked about my last labor and how things went. It was a crazy roller-coaster of a labor. We went over the notes from my chart and talked about why things might have happened how they did. For instance, at one point in my labor my dilation was checked and I was almost 10 cm dilated. About 4 or so hours later I was checked again and this time was only 7-8 cm. That was when I said, yeah, um, take me to the damn hospital cause I'm NOT doing this anymore! It was pretty discouraging. Well, it seems like I might have had an erratic labor pattern because of Iris's presentation. She ended up coming out with her head slightly crooked (and I know this because of the positioning of the giant bruise the vacuum caused when pulling her out!) Everyone I talk about the birth with seems to go back to that probably being the cause for the rough labor. Anyways, it's all in the past and hopefully this labor/birth will be nothing like the last one.

I also found out what the midwives on-call schedule is so I can have an idea who might be delivering the baby. I have a slightly better chance of getting the same midwife this time that I had last time. This is totally fine with me-- actually, I would love to have either midwife here, so it's not a problem. I also met a new student midwife today. Ugh. She was super, super nice and really great with Iris, but I just didn't like meeting someone new in the 11th hour. It turns out there is a good chance that student will be at the birth, as well. The student was helping to distract Iris for me while I talked to the midwife. She was showing her some of the tools they use to check mama's tummies, like the tape measure and this wooden tube thing that is flared on each end that they use to listen to the baby's heart beat. Iris was using it on a Care Bear and it was SOOOO cute! When the midwife was feeling my tummy for the babe's position Iris was pressing all around it, as well, and she also had to do the check with the tape measure right after the midwife did. I wish I had brought a camera! It made me feel good that it all was so interesting to Iris, hopefully that's a sign that when I'm in labor and they are needing to listen to heart tones, etc, that Iris will be cool with it instead of freaked out.

In other news, when we woke up this morning Iris said "Go away! Go away mama!" to which I said "Where did you learn that?!?!" Yikers. She's growing up fast! On the way home from the midwives we passed a motorcycle that was purple and black. Thinking she would pick up on the purple I said "Did you see the purple motorcycle?" and she said "mama, it's black". Well, then!


  1. I linked to your blog through Crazy Hip Mamas a couple of weeks ago. I've been reading it daily since. And then today, I got an email linking me to The Pyjama Mama's post of yesterday...

    So I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog and than I think you're a terrific mother. I'm looking forward to your birth story for Eloise!

  2. Oh, how nice! Thank You!

    I should really post more comments on the blogs I read. They are all so wonderful :)

  3. Oh yes, kjb, what is your blog? When I go to your profile it doesn't have one listed :(

  4. Wow this close already? Easy for me to say though! I'm really looking forward to your birth story. I don't know anything about your first birth, were you supposed to deliver at the same birth center then too but ended up at the hospital?

    That's so precious Iris is checking you out too. Hopefully Dr. Iris will be on call when you go into labor :)

  5. How strange! I can't get it to show up in my profile either... I wonder why. It's:

    I should probably post more often than I do...


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