Wednesday, August 16, 2006

#%!& false labor!

Grrrr. This didn't happen when I went in to labor with Iris. I actually didn't have a single contraction my whole pregnancy until I went in to labor. Granted, she wasn't born for almost 48 hours after the contractions started, but still, it progressed somewhere. Now I get to be stuck in this "am I? aren't I?" place until labor decides to officially start. You'd think my body wouldn't need false labor the second time around! I've been here before! I've done this!

Of course, I did over do it yesterday. I really, really exhausted myself walking maybe, I don't know, five blocks? Yeah, it's pretty sad these days. Poor Iris is going to be spending the rest of my pregnancy sitting on the darn couch. I really didn't want to go in to actual labor last night because I was just too exhausted from my day. I would like to be more well-rested. We hardly got much sleep last night, anyways. I think I am on to something with Iris's sleeping habits being related to seeing her dad. He was here to visit her last night and so she went to bed much later than normal. She slept like crap, at one point was wide awake in the early morning asking to come out in the living room. Grrr. And then there I was, having contractions every so often, especially when I moved around, which I had to constantly do for a while to try and settle her again. This morning I freaked that I had no cat littler or dog food so I dragged Iris to a couple of stores and also quickly picked out a bunch of stuff for before/during/after delivery.

I have begun thinking about those women who have super fast labors. There's a mama on the message board I read that had her baby this morning in two hours start to finish. Hearing stories like that make me terrified to even leave the house in my condition! What if I started having contractions that strong in the middle of traffic or something? Yikes.

Barney is my new best friend and at the same time, I want to kill the tv every time the show is on. What is wrong with the children on this show? They are far too happy about balls, brushing teeth and cleaning up. It's a little scary. I find the actual Barney character far less annoying than the children he interacts with. Of course, Iris is in a Barney phase so we've watched the same four on-demand episodes about a million times in the last three days.


  1. I found you through another mommy blog, and I love what I've read so far. Well, not the fact that you've been dealing with false labor, but your sense of humor.
    When I had my son, I was induced, so I never even went through the process of going into labor outside of the hospital. I am scared that with our next child I will have no idea what I am doing. But I guess, after reading what you wrote, it is going to be different every time. I hope things move along fast for you. I'll be back again soon.

  2. Barney. Ugh. EJ's grandma got her a Barney book that she loves, then one day she saw Barney on tv when I turned it on and it was on that channel and she got really excited and I had to let her watch it lest she die of disappointment. Luckily, she believed me when I told her that Barney was just visiting tv land that day and only lives in bookland the rest of the time. My god I can never let her see Barney on tv at your house or my sanity at home will be ended! I hate that dinosaur.

  3. Hi Michelle, thank you for reading!

    And Julia, yeah, good thing I won't be watching EJ within the next little while-- Iris is really in to this Barney phase . . .


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