Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My last night of prenatal yoga

Oh, I'm so sad :( Tonight was my last night of prenatal yoga and, interestingly, it was my teacher's last night of teaching prenatal yoga. It was sort of a wierd class because I'm not feeling that great and all of the friends I've made in class weren't there tonight-- two of them recently gave birth, but it was still really sad for me, anyways. Doing prenatal yoga has been probably the single most positive thing I've done for myself this pregnancy. Not just for my body, but for my head, too. When I left I gave my teacher a big hug and thanked her. I told her I wanted to try and keep coming to yoga classes, but I wasn't sure how I could do postnatal (which you can bring your baby to) because I didn't know what I would do about childcare for my older daughter. Amazingly, she recommended a child care facility that is drop-in only, Montessori based, and charges $5.50 an hour. I almost died. That's like a serious dream come true for someone like me who will really, really need the time with only one baby, can't afford to pay regular rates for baby-sitting and will have very little time (or energy) for child care trades with my friends once the babe is born.

Sigh. I do hope I get to do postnatal yoga. I hope I can continue to do yoga for quite a while. I hope that once I'm no longer pregnant I will have the will to practice yoga at home, as well. I guess I'll be more busy and stressed, but I always just had a mental block about doing yoga at home while pregnant.

I also need to remember some of the tips I learned for coping with this damn false labor and early real labor. I forgot about the flowing cat-cow pose, specifically, and how much the teacher has been recommending it.

This afternoon I felt a strong urge to get the rest of my bedroom set up for the birth. Little things, like I set up where the candles would go, and cleaned up a bit. I decided I will post some birth affirmation cards on the walls, as well. I am sure in labor it will be hard to remember the affirmations I've been learning through the hypnosis, and reading them plus having my birth attendants be able to see them and repeat them to me will be nice.

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  1. You've been posting very frequently and then yesterday... nothing... Are you having the baby!


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