Thursday, August 10, 2006


So today Iris was playing with her Word Whammer. She had it on the setting where it tells you a three letter word to spell and, theoretically, the child spells it. Well, Iris doesn't spell yet, but you get the idea. The word it was telling her to spell? WAR. I just thought, is that necessary? Yes, it's technically a three letter word, but this game is directed at small children. On a funny side note my dad was entering different letters in it to try and get it to recognize the words. Apparently it doesn't know KEG, but it knows WAR.

I also have an issue with children's music that mentions violence of any kind. Call me old fashioned, but I don't think it's appropriate to sing about guns or killing on a recording directly aimed at children. Case in point our recent purchase of the Dan Zanes' cd Catch That Train! called Grey Goose (side note to Zanes: this is also the name of a popular vodka) and they talk about killing and eating a goose. I have also heard at least two other children's cds recently that talked about guns, killing or war. Granted, the songs seem completely harmless, but once you listen closely, it's just not right!

I am currently entertained by the things Iris says in her sleep. The other night she started singing "Happy Birthday" in the middle of the night. Last night, when I was coming back to bed from a trip to the bathroom I accidentally leaned on her arm. She mumbled "Sorry" and rolled over. A couple of mornings ago, pretty early, a fire truck could be heard going down a nearby street. Iris said "They're good. Help people. Fire trucks are good." Which is what I have been trying to drill in to her head to keep her from being scared of their noise. We have been hearing an insane amount of fire trucks and police cars lately. Many a day. Of course, for the ease of identification, we say all the sirens are coming from fire trucks. You know, I don't even know the difference :)

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