Thursday, August 31, 2006

One of THOSE days

Let's see, just to recount the excitement, Eloise is the only one who was changed out of her pajamas at all day, and that's because she was covered with breast milk from the night time. Iris ate pirate's booty, half a cookie and her special "coffee" for breakfast. I had a Luna bar. None of us got outside until 7:00 tonight, and that's only because Matt came and took Iris to the park.

Yeah, it was a good day.

Oh, and I should add that Iris had green boogers that past few days so now I've caught her cold. Luckily it's not bad (yet) and so I've been taking tons of emergen-c and echinacea and Sambucol. Hopefully it will help. I just don't want Eloise to get sick, so I'm hoping that she's getting tons of immunity through breast milk.

I am so frustrated with the recovery from this birth! Here I was all thrilled that my homebirth equalled easy recovery. Um, no, not so much. Yes, my initial recovery was fantastic (didn't need to wait for the damn epidural to wear off!) but ever since, it's been much, much harder. By two weeks post-partum with Iris I was all over the place, going to the zoo, the public market, etc etc. With Eloise? Well, I haven't been out of the house since my trip to the ER. Every time I move I start bleeding more (sorry for those of you squeamish by those things!). I suppose the difference is that I rested more initially with Iris, and this time I was up and about immediately, therby forcing my body to let me know that wasn't cool. I'll be glad when I'm back to normal. Just one more thing I will have to remember to add to the reasons why I will never carry and birth another child.

In the past couple of days I've found myself practically ecstatic at Matt's arrival to come and help out with the girls and with chores. If you're following the story, you can probably venture a guess at the emotional and physical state I'm in in order to be feeling that way towards his presence. He has offered to take Iris over night if I need him to. He is staying with a family that I know, they have small children, so I feel pretty safe about it. It's so funny that I am even contemplating taking him up on the offer when even two weeks ago I would have said hell, no, absolutely not! Now I can start to see how the exhaustion of single mamas necessitates over night visits with dad.


  1. My brief experience with breast feeding was that if you caught the cold before the baby, she wouldn't catch it because before the incubation period of the cold took hold, she'd already have your immunity to it.

    I've never heard of Matt being mean to Iris and it seems to be something he reserves for adults he's got issues with, so it sounds like a great deal to let Iris stay with him over the weekend.

  2. I love those days... my midwife imposses a strict 3 week grounding after all births, for good reason I'm sure...but I'm with you after Xavier's speedy deliver I had no choice but to be up and all over the place right away.


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