Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I thought this picture was so cute! I took it myself while wearing Eloise in the sling. Doesn't she look so cozy? I like wrapping her in a fleece blanket before popping her in so she doesn't get too lost. This is the first time I've used a pouch and I think I'm really starting to get the hang of wearing her in it!

Iris drinking her "coffee". She has just recently gotten obsessed with coffee (fitting, since we live in Seattle!). I make hers with a little sugar, a bit of decaf coffee and a bunch of milk.

Eloise sleeping with the blanket my grandmother made for her. It's so pretty. And pink! Eloise has been decked out in pink pretty much every day. I don't think anyone (including me!) could have guessed how much I love pink on my daughters. If all they wore was pink I would be pretty happy!

Eloise's first bath. As you can tell by her face, she wasn't very happy. We tried again yesterday but this time I put the tub in the bathtub and was able to crank the heater in the bathroom. She was MUCH happier and didn't cry at all!

Eloise resting on my chest.

A little self-portrait of Eloise and I.


  1. She is so beautiful...and Iris is as lovely as ever :)

    I love seeing the pics. Keep them coming!!

  2. Hi - I followed your link from MDC and have read with interest your blog entries from the past two months. You see, I am a family law attorney with a focus on domestic violence issues. I can tell that you have a strong spirit and an intense devotion to your two beautiful daughters.

    You clearly know that your former partner does not have your best interest at heart and his influence is detrimental to you. You should know that although his actions towards his child/children may seem sweet and loving; his actions towards you will have a devastating effect on them in the long run. Just for a moment, imagine that Iris is you and she is telling you the details of her relationship with Matt -- what would you tell her to do? I don't think that you would tell her to try and "work it out." Follow your intuition.

    Also, I implore you to consult with a family law attorney in your state immediately. Find out what your rights are as an unmarried mother, especially with regard to leaving the state. Find out about child support payments.

    I will be thinking about you and wishing you and your beautiful girls a beautiful life. Good luck!

  3. Gorgeous! Iris drinking coffee is great. I suspect I'll have to come up with some variant of tea for Imogen, living in a tea-obsessed culture as we do.
    Eloise is really beautiful. But I'm sure you already know that!

  4. You don't by any chance practice pro bono in WA state, do you? :)

    Thank you for your kind words. As soon as I am more on my feet I'll be looking in to all of this stuff. It's pretty overwhelming.

    You're absolutely right in that if one of my daughter's came to me and were in the same situation I am in I would tell her to get the hell out-- and do everything in my power to help her.


    Thank you again!

  5. Oh beautiful pics! Lopving the sling.
    Julain is helpingme type!

  6. You are all beautiful! I love the "coffee"!


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