Friday, August 11, 2006

Some recent pictures

The outfit Iris put together all by herself! Doesn't she look like she's modeling? I told her to pose for the camera and this is what she came up with.

Working on the whole bowl of Doritos at the baby party.

Vaseline in her hair.

Melissa doing my belly cast.


  1. Iris is gorgeous! And what a keen sense of style! She's got really great clothes. It looks like the belly cast was fun-- will you post a pic of it when you've painted it?

  2. Iris- America's Next Tot Model... I love the name Iris. Maybe I said that before?

  3. LOL, ANTM, I love it! Hee hee.

    Yes, will post the picture of the painted belly cast in approximately eight years, which is my guess as to when that project will be completed :)

  4. I never got around to painting my bellycast either but something about it's simplicity appeals to me. I love Iris' outfit!


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