Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Starting to figure out how this works

Well, every day I'm getting a little better at being the single mama of a newborn and a toddler. Luckily, the peanut sleeps a TON-- in my estimates she's been asleep about 68 of the last 72 hours. I won't complain. Well, other than my painful and annoying engorgement, and the need to rouse Eloise from her slumber every two hours to get her to nurse and give here mama a little relief!

Several people have brought us dinners already, which is so incredibly wonderful. The other day I was talking to Julia on the phone and she asked if I need any clothes for the girls as she was getting a bunch of stuff from a friend who was moving out of town. She showed up with a huge box of really great clothes for Iris and will be bringing by baby stuff later this week. She also brought me a rocking chair! I love it and can't believe Julia just happened to have one that needed a new home. What luck!

I'm working at leveling out my emotions. Starting to recognize what sorts of things are triggers for me has helped alot. Also just being able to talk to friends and get out of the house has done wonders for my head. I brought the ladies down to Melissa's yesterday and we stayed for several hours. Iris had tons of fun playing and I enjoyed just hanging out with Melissa and feeling somewhat normal. I think the fact that I'm still sleeping relatively well has helped alot. Even the other night when Eloise was awake from 2:30-4:00 am she was just quiet and alert, so it was actually really nice to be awake with her and getting to know her in the stillness of the apartment.

I also have started wearing Eloise in the sling, thanks to some suggestions from the mamas on the MDC board. Right now she's in my slingling, which is a pouch. I have never used a pouch before, so after a few tries I think I have a good cradle hold down. Even though Eloise is sleeping most of the time, I hate just setting her down and going about my day. Being able to carry her in the sling is really wonderful, and it keeps her up and away from curious fingers.

It's been interesting to be tandem nursing, as well. I get really excited when people ask me questions about it, because it gives me a chance to talk about the experiece. Mostly people want to know how the milk changes to accomodate two children. I don't think many people realize that even though you're nursing a toddler, your milk still changes to colostrum in anticipation of the new baby, and then your new milk will still come in (ouch!) Well, I'm learning this as I go, actually. I didn't think I would be as uncomfortable as I am. I'm trying to nurse Eloise enough, and get Iris to nurse to take off some of the pressure, as well as pump a bit. I wish I had more time to put ice packs on them or do something to relieve the pain. Hopefully things level out in the next few days.


  1. Hi, I'm glad to hear everything is going well with you and the girls! I noticed you're using a Slingling pouch and was wondering how you like it? I'm about to place an order for the same thing and was wondering how it's working for you with a newborn...does she get "lost" in it, is it easy to breeastfeed in, is it comfortable to wear, etc? My plan is to wear her a lot in the early months and have been apprehensive about actually ordering a sling b/c I have no experience with them and didn't know which would be the best option...but came across the Slinglings, which look really easy to use, are affordable (we can get 3 for almost the same price as one of those Maya wraps..so Joe and I can both wear her) and have really cute patterns to choose from (yeah, like that should be a consideration :)...anyways, wheh you get the chance, could you give me your 2 cents? Thanks!

  2. I loved the sling with EJ. She went everywhere around the house with me or her dad in that thing as soon as she was about a week old! It was also nice when I was sitting down with her cause I could have my hands free to be on the computer or hold a book or a magazine. Those things are genius!


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