Friday, August 25, 2006

Still sleeping . . .

Miss Eloise is being far too easy on me. So easy, in fact, that I'm getting a bit nervous about the day she decides that sleeping is her nemesis and refuses to ever do it again. I know that newborns are sleepy, but Iris never was, so I just compare all these experiences to her.

This morning a mama from our pre-school co-op took Iris to the park for a couple of hours. I mostly spent the time cleaning, as I had company over this afternoon. It's been so wonderful to get these breaks! Two friends from my yoga class came by and so we all chatted about birth and motherhood and met all the babies. They are both first time mamas and it was fun for me to remember what that felt like. Tonight Matt's sister came by to make me dinner. I took her up on the offer even though I actually had dinner delivered to me tonight by another co-op mama. Hell, I figure I will take all the food I can get! One thing is for sure, I'm eating ten times better in this post-partum period than I did last time. It's probably going a long way towards keeping my energy up.

Last night I was reading my recent issue of Mothering magazine. There was an article in it about lying-in, which is about a mother's experience of spending the first fifteen days of her children's life literally in bed with him bonding. It made me cry. Although I couldn't imagine having more amazing friends who have gone so far out of their way to help me, the support is still a far cry from being able to spend fifteen days in bed with my new baby. 24 hours after Eloise was born I was home alone with a newborn and a toddler. Am I doing a kick ass job raising my girls? Absolutely. Do I wish every day that things were different? Yes. I know I can form a strong bond with my newborn even without an initial intense bonding experience of spending 15 days in bed with her, but damn if I don't wish I at least had the opportunity.

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  1. 15 days does sound decadent... perhaps too much for me. I'm a bit of a busybody; I think I'd go stir crazy after two days!
    I'm so glad that Eloise is being such a good baby for you. You sound so content... good for you!


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