Thursday, August 10, 2006


I hadn't had a chance yet to write about my last hypnosis for birth appointment. I really, really like my hypnotherapist. She feels like one of those people who was sent in to my life for a reason. Working with her has been amazing and I'm truly sad my appointments are over. Due to all the turmoil in my life I have had a hard time practicing my hypnosis. Well, I should say effectively practice. The therapist went through some practice with me in the session and reassured me that I was more than ready for the birth, that I was doing fine. She also talked to me quite a bit about what was going on with me and took me through some exercises to help me heal and protect myself during these hard times. I left feeling a great deal stronger and more relaxed than I had in a long time.

Last night I got very little sleep. Usually when I wake up to pee or roll over or check on Iris I can get back to sleep fairly quickly. Last night I just kept thinking about the man I knew who was killed in the accident yesterday. My mind couldn't turn it off and for several hours I was consumed in thoughts surrounding the accident, how these things can possibly happen, and where his family is going to go from here.

I'm anxiously awaiting the end of the week. I feel like I will finally be able to start relaxing. I know the babe won't come out until it's safe for her to be here, so the sooner I make that safe place happen, then the sooner she can start thinking about "making like a baby and head out!" Hee hee. I also talked to one of my midwives yesterday, bringing her up to speed on my situation. I ended the phone call feeling really positive and excited about the birth. It's going to be lovely, I just really, in my heart, know that it will work out beautifully. My team of friends is assembled and all on alert as to when I'm going to need them to come in and help out. It's amazing how when you start reaching out for help how many people will be there for you. All in all, I am very blessed and not at all alone.

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