Friday, September 08, 2006

BFing to save the world!

Okay, maybe that's an over-exaggeration. As I sat on my comfy nursing chair last night pumping some milk to relieve the pressure, it dawned on me that I might actually be able to donate my milk to a needy child or ten. In the span of about three minutes I pumped four ounces. If I had actually pumped until the boobies were empty I might have had about a gallon of milk, but of course I can't say for sure. That's another experiment for another day. It would make me really happy to be able to donate milk, so I hope it works out.

More lurking on message boards I should really stay away from led me to some mamas commiserating about leaving the house without some part of all the formula-feeding equipment a mama must drag with her everywhere she goes. I hadn't actually thought about how much work it would be to be a formula feeding mama on the go. I absolutely would have been a mama who left the house day after day without a bottle, water or formula. What a chore! I then started thinking about those formula fed babies who are caught in the middle of things like natural disasters and their parents don't have access to formula. What do they do? I am sure thousands of babies caught in Hurricane Katrina last year were very hungry. What if all those babes had been breastfed? What if mamas who were breastfeeding offered to nurse the hungry babies (and who knows, I bet it actually might have happened!)? If breastfeeding were the standard, I suspect very few, if any, babies would have been hungry during that tragic time. Could you imgaine being a mama and having nothing to feed your baby? It just absolutely breaks my heart. Now, I am sure mamas don't think to themselves "hmmm, if there was a natural disaster, what is the best way for me to be feeding my baby?" but it happens. All over the world people are affected by hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, etc etc. Okay, I understand I'm probably dwelling on a really minor point, but it still really upsets me.

So, if there was ever a natual disaster where I was, I'd be the mama in the corner, hanging on to my daughters with one hand and nursing all the hungry babies at the same time. I'd be saving the world with breastfeeding. What a novel idea.


  1. I posted about this on my blog a while ago. I would totally donate my milk. While my son was in the NICU, the nurses there told me that I should be a wetnurse since I produce so much. I really think it is worth it. Especially for babies in intensive care and in situations where babies in the NICU have parents who need to go back to work. These babies really need the benefit of breast milk to help them grow and develop.

  2. You're totally right that formula feeding sucks. There were a couple time when EJ was about 4 months old (just after I had to quit BF'ing) where I'd be out and would be gone longer than I thought or she'd suddenly get hungry and I couldn't do anything. One time I was in a store and the woman offered me a chair to sit off to the side and breastfeed and of I couldn't. It made me cry! Luckily, I think in Katrina, most of the folks probably could breastfeed. It's rare to be forced to stop like I did and I think people are smarter about knowing it's the best way to go nowdays (health wise AND financially! That formula is expensive)

    I really wished I could get breast milk from a milk bank, but I didn't qualify. They save it for emergencies like you were talking about or kids who aren't healthy and need the passive-acquired immunity of breastmilk. So, yeah, you should totally donate your milk if you have too much! Very very good karma for you!

  3. I agree! Donate! It will definitely be useful!

  4. I've always wanted a brilliant supply so that I could donate! As it is, I get nothing when I pump, so I just don't pump anymore. Still, I would offer up my breasts to needy babies at any time.

  5. Yes what a novel idea indeed! Glad to find a blog written by another AP mom! Glad to find you.


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