Thursday, September 07, 2006

Domestic Goddess?

Okay, not to toot my own horn, but I think I may have reached a new level of Domestic Goddessness (if only for a day). I managed to drag my weary booty out of bed this morning before 8:00 even though Iris has the boogers and didn't sleep well and Eloise basically squeaked and nursed every 10 minutes or so all night long. Okay, maybe every hour, but whatever it was, I don't think I managed to sleep much in between. Already this morning I did laundry, showered and washed my hair, put beef stew in the slow cooker, and accepted a package of cloth diapers from a VERY cute UPS delivery man. Now it's noon, Iris just went down for her nap, I'm drinking coffee and blogging, and Eloise is sleeping.

Speaking of Eloise sleeping, that's still pretty much all she does all day long. Now at night, that's a whole other ball game, but during the day she's rarely awake except to nurse. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this, but it's so wierd to me. I don't think Iris slept pretty much, well, at all. I have a theory that she hated being out of the womb, but who knows. She just screamed her head off all of the time. Eloise is about as content as can be. Even when she does awaken for short periods and is alert, she rarely fusses. If she does, the answer to calming her down is pretty easy to find.

Some days I feel like things couldn't get any harder, then days like today, which are becoming more frequent, I just think "yeah, I've really got a grasp of this whole being a single mama of two thing!" If I just had the money to sustain my lifestlye (and by lifestyle I pretty much mean roof over my head, bills paid, food in the fridge), I think I'd be incredibly happy keeping on along this track. A co-op mama took Iris for a couple of hours yesterday so I could have a bit of a break. She has two daughters and her youngest is Iris's age. They are spaced the same as my two girls. It is so neat to see them interact, and think that in two very, very short years, my girls will be at that stage. I am bound and determined to do everything I can to foster a close relationship between Iris and Eloise. I just think it's incredibly important to be close to your siblings, and that parents play a major role in helping to facilitate that relationship.

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