Sunday, September 03, 2006

I just can't stop with the pictures!


Sleeping Eloise. I LOVE it when she sleeps this way!

So, I think I was on to something with Iris and modeling. I asked her to pose so I could take a picture in her new jammies and this is what she did. I could make some money off this little girl, huh?

And not only is she totally adorable, she's incredibly smart. This is a twelve piece puzzle she puts together all by herself.

Self-portrait of Eloise and I. My sister made this sling, I think for her first son, so that means it's gone through four children now.

And for fun, our cat, Benjamin, has found a use for this horse.

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  1. have such gorgeous children!

    Did you eventually get out of the house on that walk? I hope so! Being cooped up is no fun at all :)


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