Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I would be a millionaire!

I just came up with the best baby invention. Now, as an AP mama, I would never purchase one of these (except for that I would TOTALLY purchase one of these!).

So, you know how there are baby swings, and baby rockers, and baby seats that vibrate. My children have never been very soothed by any of these products. They certainly never helped them fall asleep. You know what DOES help my girls fall asleep? Bouncing them on the exercise ball. I have heard from many other mamas that this is the magic bullet for their children, as well. You obviously see where this is going. Why doesn't someone make a snug little seat that bounces with the same motion as an exercise ball? Genius!

I do actually spend a great deal of time holding my girls. Iris I held alot more than I do Eloise, for a couple of reasons. Eloise just doesn't demand to be held as much, and sleeps a great deal more than Iris did. But with both of them, there were so many times I needed to put them down and have them remain content. I use a bouncy seat with Eloise, just as I did with Iris, but it just sort of keeps them content for about five minutes unless they are put in the seat already sleeping. Eloise spends most of her napping time asleep in the bouncy seat, actually.

So, anyways, that's my big idea. If anyone steals this from me, could you send me a big fat check after you make your first million? I'd be greatly appreciative!

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  1. Xavier loved that too! It's a great gas remedy too! You need to patent something asap :)


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