Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is there another dog in my not-so-distant future?

Losing Lily has made me realize I am definitely a dog person. With the stress of small children, I was definitely having a very, very hard time being a good dog owner, but I know that as soon as I am able, I will have a dog again. I think that waiting until Eloise is older, probably at least one, and we live somewhere with some yard access (or at least are on the ground floor!) and I feel a bit more financially stable, a dog will be a new dog in our lives. Last night I was talking to my mom, which is always so nice to share memories of Lily with someone who was as close, if not closer, to her than I was. She had mentioned that sometimes there are dogs in Lily's situation, they live in a family and are bred and shown, then when they retire from those jobs, their owners like to find a new home for them where they can be an only dog. I think alot of people who breed/show dogs have several at home, but sometimes the temperament of a certain dog is better suited to being an only dog in the family. Anyways, she suggested I could get another dog that way, by waiting for one who needed a new family. She even thought one of her dogs would be ready for a new home by the time I was ready for one--which would be so ideal. I could get an adult dog whom was already trained well AND who was a descendent of Lily's!

Anyways, I am so lonely without a dog at home. I also don't feel nearly as safe. I must admit it's nice to not have to be running in and out of the house for potty breaks or deal with a dog being under foot all the time, but I terribly miss the presence of a dog. As soon as my patience has returned and my newborn is a bit less needy, I'll be in a good space to take on the responsibility again.


  1. You can try the animal rescues, too- each breed has one. A lot of dogs are in "foster care" until a permanent owner is found. This is a great way to financially get a nicer breed, too! We had 3 min pins, but the two males got the boot when they insisted on marking on everything in the house- it was incredibly horrible, causing much strife in our home.

    They were like children to me and it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but I gave them up to a min pin rescue knowing they would be in good hands (hopefully.) We still have our Gucci girl and it is nice to have a dog around- when they behave!

  2. I've thought about a PWD rescue, but my mom mentioned that many of them have behavioral problems. Maybe when I'm older and really have alot of time to give to a dog, I could do this. I'm just picky right now in that, ideally, I would get a dog who was well trained when she/he came to me, just like my Lily was!

    At one point in my life I thought it would be great to be a foster home for pets. It's possible that when I actually live in a house (not an apartment) and the girls are all grown up that I could still do it.


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