Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Planning, planning, planning

Tonight Eloise accompanied me to a two and half hour long orientation meeting for the pre-school co-op that Iris will be attending this year. It was really overwhelming and exhausting. Just a bit too much information overload. I love the idea of co-op, I really do, but I would love to just have the money to send Iris to a "real" pre-school for that time and not have to worry about having so much involvement in it. The biggest thing that I, and several other mamas, are worried about is what to do for child care for our younger children while we bring our older children to co-op. It's been putting a huge amount of stress on us all, enough that many of us were considering not even doing co-op, which would be very sad for our older children. I may have finally figured out the perfect child care situation, but it's amazing how much juggling, schedule changing, etc that this whole thing is involving. Also, Matt is going to take Iris to school the first eight weeks, so he and I have an insane amount of information to co-ordinate about that. I'm so overwhelmed.

The overwhelm-ment is exacerbated by not even knowing where the hell I'm going to be living in a month and a half. I might not even be able to keep Iris in co-op if I have to leave the state! It takes so much energy to plan for all of these things, and have so many what-if's on the plate. Even the child care swap I've arranged with another mama will be down the tubes if I have to move a distance out of my neighborhood. Everything is just so far up in the air right now, it's insane. I was talking to my sister tonight, who called to find out how things were going, and I was just telling her how hard it is to even think ahead a day or two, let alone until next week, next month or beyond.

I feel like I need a person to just sort of follow me around and help me make decisions. Like a peronal assistant/therapist who can understand things and sort them all out for me. Someone who understands the insanity of everything.

Anyways, I just got home and I felt all out of sorts like the momentum of everything made me want to just sit down and figure all this out right now, but I just needed to sit down and veg out on the computer while the girls were asleep and I had a moment to decompress.

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  1. I feel sure at the moment you actually have to make a decision, things'll amazingly fall into place and you'll have the clarity you need -- just for that moment when it's needed, don't try to work out too much ahead of time.


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