Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Recipe for happiness

Ah, a good day! I wish I could choreograph days like this. It turns out that the secret is one of the girls sleeping in later than the other. Mornings are the busiest time in our home and just end up being mayhem most days. If one of the girls sleeps in later (today it was Iris) then I can stagger the mayhem in to manageable chunks. I haven't quite figured out how to make this happen every day, but maybe if I can drag my booty out of bed a bit earlier in the morning it will help a bit.

The girls and I went grocery shopping, as well. It was the first time I had been out in public since Saturday of last weekend. At the grocery store where I occasionally shop there is a coffee stand. Iris is now automatically programed to ask for coffee every time we walk in. I figure that $4.00 is a small price to pay for an iced coffee drink that will keep Iris happy for an entire grocery shopping trip.

I've also been in a great mood today, which has helped alot. It's all in the attitude, huh?

I'm also still getting meals delivered by co-op friends, which is beyond fantastic. I can't even believe how great it is to have dinner already made. The women who are doing this for me are just so amazingly sweet-- they are all mamas themselves, some of more than one child, and yet they are still finding the time to bring me a meal (some have come by more than once!)

I've also started to succumb to the fact that unless something gets resolved between Matt and I (not holding my breath . . . ) the girls and I will be moving back to WI. Even thinking about trying to stay out here and immediately go back to work and throwing my children in day care makes me come dangerously close to having a complete nervous breakdown. Not that moving will be any easier, but at least I'll be home with my girls longer. I'm feeling more comfortable with this decision, as well. I keep thinking of all the selfish reasons to stay in Seattle, but in the end, it's not about me. It's about my children and doing the best thing for them.

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