Monday, September 25, 2006


So as I mentioned in my last post I was taking Julie and Melissa out to a fancy brunch on Sunday morning. It was soooo much fun! We brunched for a couple of hours, out on the patio overlooking a marina. I just love being close to boats and the water, so it was really nice. We ate a ton and I drank a couple mimosas. Being away from the girls to actually have normal, adult conversations and a nice meal, it put my head back in the right space, I think. It was actually the first time I was away from the girls other than the few vet trips I made when Lily was dying.

The night before the brunch I got super upset with Matt because he had been boasting all day about how much fun he was going to have playing poker with his friends that night. It was the third night in a row he was doing something fun and taking time away from being here and helping with the girls. I was just so aggravated that he gets to do fun things whenever he feels like it and I don't. I know it's different right now with him not living here and everything, but it still makes me mad that in order for me to go anywhere I have to ask him to be here to watch the girls and in order for him to do anything he just does it, and I deal with it.

However, I realized how revitalizing just a two hour brunch was. The rest of the day I was in a fantastic mood. Iris was down for her nap for 2 1/2 hours and when she got up we got ready and went down to the playground so she could ride her trike. I really enjoyed spending time outside with the girls while I was in a good mood, for once. There was a couple playing fetch with a Portie in the field, and that made me sad to see, but besides that, it was alot of fun. There was a five year old boy playing on the play equipment and he was so sweet and engaging Iris a ton. They were shrieking back and forth at each other (in a silly way) and I was encouraging it-- finally a time to use her "outside voice"! The boy's dad was playing basketball and yelled over for his son to stop yelling. I was like, what? If a child can't be loud outside, where can they? Anyways, I kept encouraging Iris to be loud, which she enjoys. The little boy said bye to us when he left and the dad kind of looked at me and I smiled.

Today the girls and I are having a great day, as well. We all went to Safeway to buy groceries this morning and then came home and Iris colored and watched tv while I did laundry and dishes and made lunch.

I hope I can continue to make time to get out and remember myself as a single person, and not just as a mama. Even though it's the most important title I wear, I still need to remember who I am. It's been so much nicer for the girls, as well, to have a refreshed mama. Because, as they say, if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!


  1. How wonderful that you had such a great time at brunch. It sounds glorious!
    I need to make a point of time just for me. I haven't gone anywhere with friends since the Imsteroo was born. And she'll be one on Saturday. I must make a point of going out. You're inspiring me!


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