Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sleep, glorious sleep!

After two nights of basically getting no sleep at all, Miss Eloise blessed me with almost five hours straight of glorious, sweet, beautiful sleep. Of course, after 4:00 am she woke up about every hour, but I didn't care, I was well rested! She also slept in after Iris got out of bed, thereby making my morning fairly low stress. I had to get the family together for a trip to the zoo with Melissa and her son, it was Eloise's first zoo trip! Naturally, she slept through it except for waking twice to be nursed. At our zoo they just built a lovely carousel. We went over to take a look and Iris decided she wanted to take a ride. So all five of us climbed aboard! I am so glad Iris liked it. Last time she was on a carousel it went about fifty miles an hour and almost threw her and her dad off of it. The speed of this one was much more relaxed.

Every time I leave the house with both girls and things go basically well, I feel so triumphant. I am sure as time goes on I will be shuttling the girls around without a second thought, but for now, it's still this monumental thing. If I can get to and from a certain location without either of the girls ending up in tears? Well, that's just bonus points in the great game of motherhood, isn't it?

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  1. Way to sleep Eloise! Can you teach my kid to sleep now? She's almost a year old and sleeps like a newborn! YAWN!


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