Friday, September 01, 2006

What? It's September?!?!?

Oh my goodness! It's September! I can't believe it. In my mind, that's officially the end of summer. It doesn't really feel to me like we've had much of a summer, so I'm sad to see it go. Now that I am a mama I base how good the summer was on how much fun Iris had. I didn't even get to do half of the things I wanted to do with her. Of course, I have my pregnancy to blame on most of it.

The end of May was my last day of work. Just around the corner in June was Iris's birthday. Then we left for three weeks to go back to WI. After we got back we had about three weeks of things being sort of okay until everything blew up with Matt. Eloise was born a week and a half after that. Now, it's two weeks later, and I am sitting on my ass inside, as I have been for the last week. That's our summer in a nutshell!

I had fully intended to take Iris to the beach, go to a million parks, visit lots of friends, take some great day trips, etc etc. It always felt like there would be more time. At the beginning of June it feels like summer is going to last forever and there is no reason to rush it.

To be honest, summer is my least favorite month. I dont like hot weather-- even as hot as it gets in Seattle. I much prefer autumn and it's brisk days and cold nights. I like to bundle up and feel cozy. Of course, from the eyes of a child, it doesn't get much better than the summer time, so that's how I choose to look at it, from Iris's perspective. We are going to be starting our pre-school co-op soon. Well, I should say that Iris is. Matt is taking her for several weeks so that I can stay home with Eloise. Other than that, nothing else great is on the horizon for Iris. Before long I'm going to have to figure out our financial and living situation, hoping beyond hope that the end results don't affect my girls any more than it absolutely has to.

In news totally unrelated, today Eloise had her first episode of projectile vomiting. Aren't you happy that you kept reading long enough to get to that tidbit?

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  1. That's basically how our summer has been too...non- existent! We haven't really done anything we set out to do. The summer has just flown by. But, just like you, I dislike the summer. I am so psyched for autumn and the cooler days and nights, the smell of the leaves, and being able to bundle up in a nice fleece jacket! I just love it :)

    I'm sure Iris didn't have an agenda this summer, so whatever happened, she probably enjoyed thoroughly. Who knows, maybe she's more of a fall kinda gal too!


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