Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bragging rights

Now Eloise can officially say that the first concert she ever saw was Bob Dylan. Pretty cool, huh? I mean, mine was Bon Jovi (on the New Jersey tour, for those of you who care!) and I was 11 or 12. Eloise's story is infinitely more cool than mine. It was actually not that exciting of a concert. I mean, being in the same room as Bob Dylan is pretty cool, but I wasn't too excited about his full band. I would have much rather seen him out there with a guitar and a harmonica. Of course, we left early, so maybe we missed the solo set. It was also really, really loud. I put ear plugs in Eloise's ears, but I think it was probably still too loud for her. We spent almost half the time walking around the stadium in the hallway because of how loud it was. She also nursed during "Tangled up in Blue" which will be a pretty cool memory for me, as that's one of my favorite Dylan songs.

Tonight I'm actually going to another show. My friend Julie is taking me out for my birthday. Matt will be staying home with the girls. It's the last thing on my list for the birthday celebrating. Well, I suppose technically I will celebrate on last time when my parents come out to visit in a couple of weeks, but the last of the celebrating for this week, anyways!

As soon as I get an "after" picture of my hair I will post them. It is infinitely better than the first cut. I should have taken a picture of that one. It could have been "before" "in process" and "after". Ha ha. It's pretty much exactly how I wanted it. I've always been a girl who wanted her hair to be as flat as possible. I was never in to body or volume, I just wanted flat, flat, flat. In the past when my hair was shorter I would put a stocking cap on my head after a shower to flatten it down. I'm so wierd. So, now it's much flatter than it was after the first cut. Anyways, you'll see. I'll post pictures tomorrow, probably.

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