Saturday, October 07, 2006

Finally time for more pictures!

I've been waiting for my little Zitty McZitterson's face to clear up before snapping too many photos of her. I always look back on pictures of Iris during that unfortunate time and cringe. I figured I would just save myself the agony and not take many pictures over the last few weeks.

However, there are a few good ones to share, so enjoy!

Silly sisters.

I love when babies have the startle reflex and they keep throwing their hand up while they are sleeping! Soooo cute.

Iris has become quite adept at talking on the phone.

Serious sisters.

Iris painting. Yeah, it's pretty fun to clean up this mess!

Here's a picture I got of Matt and the girls last weekend. He loves to be silly with the girls, so it's times like this that make me glad he's their dad, even when I'm not getting along with him.


  1. Iris looks like such a proud big sister. And Eloise looks gorgeous. I'm glad to hear that Matt's doing better. I hope you're feeling good about things. Best of luck to all of you.

  2. Look at the vacant stare on the newborn. So not ready for exploitation for mama's blog yet.

    That picture made me giggle. Very cute.


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