Thursday, October 12, 2006


So my surprise is going to have to wait a day. At least I hope! It was that I got all my hair cut off. I was growing it out in order to donate it to Locks of Love and was super duper excited that today I would be getting my hair cut.

I get to the salon, the only thing I had to go on regarding the abilities of the sylist is that he cuts Matt's hair, he is part owner of the place and the salon is a block away from my apartment. Seems pretty good, no? So I get there and we start talking about what I want. I have a hard time articulating, so he pulls out a hair book and I immediately find three very similar photos-- they are all about chin length with choppy, messy, fairly flat (not all poofy) hair that IS NOT flipped out on the bottom. He starts cutting and chatting and then he starts blow drying and I'm looking at it thinking he is going to cut some more, but nope. He was done. My hair was pretty much exactly the opposite of how I imagined it would be. It's all one length, I look a bit like a mushroom, and every hair was blow-dried perfectly in place. So much so that he spent about 20 minutes trying to get one part in the back to stay put with all kinds of creams and what-not. It's sort of cute. I'm a little shy about it because it's not what I wanted, even though it's a perfectly fine haircut. I said, well, I imagined it would be flater, and choppier. He was sweet and said it sounds like he just misunderstood what I was asking for. He scheduled me in for Saturday so that his wife could re-cut it, and he assured me she would do exactly what I wanted. I can't tell for sure, as hair does wierd bouncy things, but I think it's actually longer on one side than it is on the other.

I'm bummed. I wanted to walk out of the salon feeling and looking like a hot mama, but alas, I sort of feel like my mom. I'll post pics of the before and after when it's all done on Saturday. I hope to god that she knows what I want and it turns out alright. Ironically, after I walked in to the apartment with my new 'do I said to Matt that it wasn't what I wanted. He said, yeah, I could tell that wasn't the hair style you described. I mean, what?!?!, Matt knew it wasn't right but the stylist didn't?

We all went for ice cream tonight and that was really nice. Tomorrow I'll be off sugar again, but it was fun for one night (okay, two if you count last night!). And I spent almost two hours bouncing Miss Eloise in hopes she would go to bed, you know, so I could go to bed. My children are in on a conspiracy against me. One of them going to bed extraordinarily late, the other waking up extraordinarily early. Last but not least, because I didn't want to have to do a million chores on my birthday, there are now twice as many waiting for me to do tomorrow. Awesome. I should have asked for a maid for my birthday.


  1. Oh, I hope the second haircut is just what you want! Can't wait to see pics... I was just thinking today about scheduling my next haircut. You'll probably inspire me!

  2. How wonderful that you have donated your hair. I think it's a wonderful thing to do. I donated mine about 7 years ago. Probably time I should do it again. Can't wait to see your newest new 'do!


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