Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pumpkin patch

So, like pretty much every other family in this country with small children has done, we made our journey to a pumpkin patch today. It was tons of fun and a really gorgeous day!

Iris initially picked out a gigantic pumpkin, and we were happy to oblige her, until we realized it would have cost almost $20. Matt sneakily "lost" it in the pumpkin patch and picked out a much more modestly priced pumpkin to put in it's place. It was very cool to see so many babies and toddlers being worn by their parents. In fact, I saw only one baby being carried in a bucket and only a couple of strollers. Many dads wearing their children, as well.

We made a trek through the corn maze, which I was delighted about since I had never done one before. I imagined it was going to be much harder, but once you got in to the maze the corn was not very dense or tall, so you could pretty much see everything. We were also befriended by young girl who often ran up ahead and checked out crossroads for us, thereby limiting the time we spent making wrong turns in the maze. Worked well for us! We're pretty lazy like that.

Without further ado, here's some photos from the day.

Iris, Eloise and I in the pumpkin patch.


This is Iris painting her pumpkin at family night at co-op this week.


  1. Which one did you go to? We went to a farm out in Lynnwood yesterday and the big draw was seeing the baby animals more than picking out the pumpkin. And thank goodness, the pumpkins were really cheap! About $1 each! EJ was afraid of the hay though. I grew up in the rural suburbs so that was pretty amazing to me.

  2. too. stinkin. cute. now that it's actually chilly in SC, we'll prolly hit our local patch this weekend coming up. i'm more inspired now that i see the awesome shots you got.



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