Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This baby!

Holy moley, I tell ya, this baby . . . she's been challenging the past couple of days. Eloise is six weeks old now, which is the point where alot of babies turn everything completely upside-down. I didn't want her to change! I liked that she slept 20 hours a day! Wahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Now she's sleeping maybe half of what she used to during the day and when she's awake, she's not the happiest. Damn, it sucks.

I really shouldn't be complaining, though. She still sleeps at night. When she actually falls asleep (which has been happening around 10-11) she will sleep through until 8-9 only waking up a couple of times to nurse. I wouldn't trade the nights for anything. With Iris I was up rocking her every single night. She would be awake screaming and I would be just dead tired. I'm still tired now, don't get me wrong, VERY tired, but this time it's the "I'm a mama of two small children" kind of tired and not the "I don't sleep at night ever" kind.

With Iris I remember feeling like I was falling down a black well with no end in sight. It was terrifying to look in to my future and only see screaming babies, leaking boobs, sleepless nights and countless diaper changes. As a first time mother it never occured to me that she would grow up and out of her baby stage. That there would be a light at the end of the tunnel and some day she would be easier. So now, with Eloise, I am frustrated with her behavior (the nerve of a newborn to cry!), but I am much better at taking it all in stride.

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  1. Are you swaddling? I know some babies hate that, but EJ loved it. We'd swaddle her up really tight and put her in the sling and she was happy as can be.


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