Monday, October 30, 2006

The trip is over

I've been MIA the past few days because my parents have been in town. They are leaving bright and early in the morning, but of course I'm up all alone bouncing the babe to sleep.

It was a really fun visit. I miss my parents so, so, SO much living 2,000 miles away from them. I don't get to see them anywhere near as much as I would like to. I keep thinking it will get easier the longer I'm away, but so far it's been just over five years and it's no easier. In fact, I think it gets harder. I keep thinking, man, they are getting older and some day, well, they just won't be here anymore. My dad just turned 60 and he looks and acts like he's still quite young, but you never know. They are both so great with the girls, as well. My dad has this way that he gets his grandkids incredible riled up every time he's with them. I get sad thinking my girls will grow up not knowing my parents very well. I guess I didn't know my own granparents very well, despite spending lots of time many summers with them. We talk alot about us moving back home, or my parents moving out here, but it probably won't happen. It's a great idea, though. Even though I feel like a supermama 99% of the time, I still feel like I turn in to a child every time I'm around my parents. I wonder at what age that goes away. Am I going to be 70 and visiting my parents on their death bed still feeling like I'm 10? Hmmmm, probably. Heck, I actually hope so!

I'll try and write more tomorrow when I have the pictures sorted out and I'm not so, well, bummed out.

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