Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boring updates

I decided that it was imperative to get out of the house this morning and play, so I brought the girls to a play room. A friend I haven't seen in months met us there and so she got to meet Eloise and we got to catch up. She was going through some intense stuff with her husband during the time Matt and I were broken up so it was really nice to catch up on where we all are now and how much better everyone is doing. It was really nice to get out of the house! Iris played for two hours and I didn't have TOO many scuffles to break up. I need to keep doing things like this.

When I got home I had a very disappointing email in my inbox. A very elaborate plan of child care had been set up for Iris tomorrow so that I could go to postnatal yoga class with my very favorite instructor for the first time since Eloise was born. Now one of the mamas who was going to help out can't do it. I can be a bit of a pessimist, so in the back of my mind I figured it might fall apart, but wow, I'm so completely bummed. I'm dying to go to yoga and see my old friends and old instructor. I wish I had the time or energy to do yoga at home, but it's just so hard. I miss the classes sooooo much.

Eloise is doing a little better. I think her cold is on it's way out. The only upside of this cold is that it has caused her voice to be so hoarse that her cries aren't nearly as ear piercing, so that's a bonus, right? She freaked out as we left the play room and screamed the whole way home and it took close to an hour to calm her down. Of course, then her big sister needed to get ready for her nap and I can't exactly do that without a free hand, so more screaming ensued while Iris went down for her nap. I feel so terrible for each of them because they both desperately need my undivided attention, so someone always gets the shaft. I tend to just set Eloise down and while she cries I get Iris ready as quickly as possible and in to bed. It's what I call a no-win situation. Everbody's pissed by the end of this time.

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  1. Boy do I remember those days. You'll get through it, mama-and yes, it's so hard now because the girls have to share you, but just wait-someday they will have each other and you'll be so glad you gave them each a sibling. I remember thinking, shortly after Rosie was born, that I must have done Brute Force some irreparable damage by having her, but now I look at how much they love each other, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Hang in there mama.


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