Monday, November 20, 2006

Donated breastmilk

In the newsletter I receive from the birth center where I had prenatal care for both of my pregnancies there was an amazing update. One of my former midwives adopted a baby who just turned one year old. Many mamas (44 to be exact) donated breastmilk to this family so that their baby could be 100% breastmilk fed for ONE WHOLE YEAR. Isn't that incredible? She writes that he hasn't ever had formula. I just think it's so amazing. I think there are probably many, many mamas out there who would donate milk to babies who can't be breastfed and that many more babies than actually are could be fed breastmilk. Oh, I've got warm fuzzies just thinking about it!

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  1. I donated BMilk to a friend who had a preemie and had issues getting her milk to come in. It was an awesome experience. We had a lot of red tape at the hospital to get the situation approved though.

    I am currently going through the process to become a milk donor for The International Breastmilk Project. Human milk is sent to Africa for babies with HIV/AIDS. I am so excited! I'll be updating on my blog as soon as I hear something.

    It makes sense, if you are's's helpful...and you know all of the benefits. I decided to do it, because this is my last baby and probably my last window of opportunity.


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