Friday, November 17, 2006

Finally getting it right for a change!

Woo Hoo! So, Matt was out of town for the past couple of days. I absolutely hate being home alone with the girls now that we don't have a dog. I feel so vulnerable and freaked out. This is actually one of the many reasons I want to get another dog, because I just feel so much safer with one. Anyways, he got back last night. I expected the time when he was gone to be a complete nightmare, but we actually did pretty good! It feels like it's a cycle that feeds off of itself-- the better I do, the better the girls do, so I do better, and they do better . . . you get the idea. Nothing major has happened the past few days, save for one dual melt-down on Wednesday afternoon. Today I took the girls to an indoor play area that is super, super fun. They have those big bouncy houses set up, Little Tikes stuff, trikes, balls, you name it, they have it. Iris had a blast and we were there for almost two hours. It's only $2 to get in, so you can't find a cheaper place to play! It was total mayhem, tons of kids and mamas (a couple of dads, too) and I was pretty nervous when we walked in, I didn't want to have to be breaking up fights the whole time or keep Iris from getting killed. Amazingly, I hardly had to intervene at all, and when I did it was over really little stuff, like asking her to wait her turn for something. I spent a little bit sitting on the floor nursing Eloise and Iris was off doing her own thing and she did just fine. It was actually a really, really relaxing morning for me and quite fun for her. I think I'm on to something with this whole phenomenon called "getting out of the house".

So, I'm getting my confidence back up. I knew I wasn't necessarily the worst mama of all time, but I sure felt like I was heading down that path. Now that we've had several good days in a row I'm feeling alllllriiiiiight.

In case you didn't see my previous post , I am looking for suggestions to change the name of this blog. Any and all input is welcome!

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