Monday, November 27, 2006

"Home" sick

I've lived in the pacific northwest for six years now. I've graduated from college, met Matt, had two beautiful children and made tons of amazing friends over this time. I do consider this my home, but often times I find myself homesick for WI, where most of my family is. Last night it snowed here. It rarely snows here, maybe once or twice a year. Most of it is already melted and it's a beautiful sunny day out now. Iris and I went out to play in it last night and I thought about how much I loved playing in the snow as a child and how magical snowfalls seem to be. I still find them magical, maybe now more than ever because I don't see very many. I was secretly hoping to wake up to a blizzard this morning, but alas, there was none.

Now that it's Christmas time, as well, I get really, really homesick. I see my family about every other year and even then I'm not always home on Christmas day. Now that we have two kids we've decided to start traditions of staying home for the holidays-- just the four of us. It will be nice to not get caught up in the hectic travelling, but it won't feel the same. I miss seeing my parent's house all decorated, my mom really goes all out. I miss seeing my extended family and all of the cousins and their children.

I've been arm-twisting most of the time I've lived out here to get my family to re-locate with me, but so far no dice. I think they will stay stuck in WI their whole lives, unfortunately.

I imagine what it would be like to move back there. How we would make friends, where we would live, how Matt could persue his music interests like he can here and, most importantly, would it actually be as wonderful to live close to my family as again as I imagine it would be? We could also get ahead faster if we lived somewhere with a lower cost of living (which is pretty much anywhere in the midwest!), especially if Matt was able to find a job making the same pay. Sigh. The eternal dilemma. I have thought that if we did move, we could always come back, but how big of a pain would THAT be?

I know some of my readers live in the midwest. Do you love it there?


  1. I know three people from Madison, WI who love it there and often think about moving back. But one problem I hear is there's not a lot of jobs in the tech industry. Thus, my husband could not get a job.

    I also have some friends who live in Milwaukee and love it there.

  2. I am from the Midwest and always dream of living some place else, but we CAN have more here- and I can stay home with my kids because the cost of living is less. It's a great place to raise a family. We live close to Chicago so I feel we get the best of both worlds sometimes- except for warm weather all year 'round! But, it's nice to have 4 seasons, too.

  3. I know it's "cooler" to live in Seattle than to live in the midwest, but the cost of Seattle real estate is getting me down. I would love to own rather than rent but it is so not an option here. I know that people raise families on incomes like mine in the Midwest but it just doesn't seem possible here. I guess either I just need to make more money or at some point relocate to a place that is more reasonably priced. My older sister and her husband own a million dollar home outside of San Francisco but it seems like even they are just trying to keep up with their neighbors and don't always enjoy what they have.
    Gah! It is so frustrating!!!

  4. I live near Madison and love it here. My family is all in Northern Wisconsin and I'm trying to get them to relocate as well. Having family nearby would be a Godsend, I think. I also have a toddler and a 6 month old. It's a roller coaster! :) I love your new name and the Christmas picture. There's more I wanted to comment on but no time now. Keep up the excellent mothering!

  5. I am in the midwest and I do love it here. Well, I am not loving it in my current town, where my husband is in grad school, but that is only temporary. He is from Madison, WI and I've lived most of my life on both sides of the lake Michigan shoreline. We had a chance to move to coastal Maine last year and almost did it, but decided we like the midwest too much to move. We also both have family in California and have condsidered relocating there, but we do love WI and MI and I think we'll stay put. My husband is a naturalist and really "knows" the upper midwest and it would be a challenge to move somewhere so different. Well that's only part of it actually, but it's one piece that keeps us here.

    But I can relate so much to the sadness of being far from family, especially around the holidays. I also wonder if the fantasy of having them nearby would match the reality of it. I know a lot of people who complain about meddlesome inlaws and such--I would love to have them close enough to meddle--haha.

    Your Christmas photo is adorable by the way!


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