Friday, November 03, 2006

How are YOU helping this holiday season?

I recently discovered on MotheringDotCommune (MDC) that some mamas have organized a way to help needy families this holiday season. This made me really excited because the MDC community gives me warm fuzzies and although I feel good about helping any family in need, there is a special place in my heart for MDC families. Although there are certainly days where I feel like we should be on the receiving end of help, the truth is that we really do have alot to give. Every time I feel down in the dumps about our financial situation I just need to remember that we have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, good food always on the table and are not in need in any of life's necessities or most of it's frivolities.

I know that many mamas from MDC are reading my blog (hi, mamas!) but if you don't know about Holiday Helpers, please feel free to go to this link which will tell you how to give to a family in need. They are looking for just about everything, from gift cards to gently used items to new items to bills paid to help out the families. I really like this idea because it doesn't necessarily have to cost you money if you don't have money to give. Have an extra gift card? Gently used items? Send them along to a family who needs it!


  1. Thanks_for_the_link...we'll_surely

  2. If I could shamelessly plug a Seattle resource that could always use gently used items for adult, kids and babies, the Ballard Food Bank doesn't just give out food. They help with clothing and toys and blankets, etc. They especially needs blankets and warm clothes for kids and babies.

  3. When I was a kid, my mom got us to select three toys from our collection every year before Christmas to be donated to the women's shelter. I'm really glad she taught us the spirit of giving early on. This year, I'm donating things to Unicef.

    By the way, I've reinstated my blog if you are interested. It's at:

  4. Thanks for letting everyone knows other ways to help!

  5. cool idea! I will check it out. Has the holiday season started already? Well, at least at Wal-mart it has! he..he...


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