Thursday, November 16, 2006

Is it time for a new name?

Ahhhh . . . lots of mama breaks today! Woo Hoo! Iris was at school this morning and is now at a friend's house for a playdate. It is so nice to have a break, although shuttling her around has not been fun due to screaming baby sister. Oh, well. I've just eaten half a pizza and am now hurting, but Eloise is sleeping and I'm blogging and it's actually nice enough outside to walk to our friend's house to pick up Iris!

I have been thinking about changing the name of my blog. When I first started parenting I felt like I really liked labels and that labelling myself as AP helped me identify my parenting ideals and helped me figure out the other mamas I could relate to. I hung out on the AP message boards and read AP books and basically decided I was going to be little Miss Perfect AP Mama. Well, as you all know, life gets in the way of perfection. I am not a perfect AP mama, not by a looonnnggg shot. I have started to think about this label, and ALL labels, and whether or not they are necessary or even that helpful. I think calling myself an AP mama helps others get a general idea of how I might parent my daughters, but saying that's what I am and not always living up to the ideal makes me feel guilt-ridden. I also don't want to be judged, one way or the other, for the fact that I've labelled my parenting style, which is silly, because when you label yourself, you're going to get judged.

I think I've just gotten to a place where I just don't feel like labels are very necessary anymore. I'm a mama who definitely subscribes to alot of the AP ideals, but I'm not a slave to them. I don't need to make myself feel bad for not living up to a list of things I feel commited to and every time I stray from it I'm a horrible mama. No one but me puts these pressures on me, but that's maybe the point. I don't need any more pressure, certainly not from within!

So, I think in an effort to go forth with my willy-nilly parenting style, I might give this blog a fresh new name and drop the whole 'AP' bit. But "Adventures of a mama" is just boring (okay "Adventures of an AP mama" is boring too, just a weensy bit less so) so I want to come up with something neat.

Any suggestions?


  1. Oh, no suggestions at the moment, but make it fun, and something that is YOU!

  2. How about:

    Wheezy Deezy Do and Icey Too!

    Not that you need a new name; I think your blog is just lovely as is!

  3. i was so going to suggest the exact same thing as kidlets mum!

  4. Ack--I think I might have sent you two almost-identical comments(lost the first one and tried to re-write it). Just pick your favorite I guess. hehe, I am not a computer whiz can you tell?

  5. I'm glad to have read this. I have a hard time trying to live up to being the perfect AP mama, and threw me a curve ball and I have an insanely fussy baby, so you know what? Vibrating chairs, swings, and anything else that makes her happy is going in my bag of tricks! When she cries in the car, all I can think about is CIO and I panic and pull over to comfort her (it makes for VERY long rides...).

    It's nice to be reminded that I am putting these pressures on myself, and labels don't need to mean anything. I can just be the mother I am and don't need to worry about living up to a label.

    Thanks :)

  6. I had a similar suggestion-Icey and Weezie. I think Adventures of a Mama is okay too-or Adventures of a Supermama?

    I know what you mean about the ap thing, too. I think that most of the ap moms I know tend to struggle with this very thing at some point in their parenting. That's why I chose Queen of the Bad Mommies-because there are a lot of times I feel like a bad mommy because I'm not the perfect ap mom.

    But I think that at the heart of ap is the idea of respecting your children, and parenting them thoughtfully. I think as an ap parent you still get frustrated and struggle. but you work through it. And honestly, what works best for your family, and you feel right about, is the right thing for your family-whether or not it's "ap".

    Oops, sorry. Forgot whose blog this was...


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